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how to recondition batteryPutting the money into a rechargeable battery system is a great investment. However, proper maintenance is also required which means knowing how to recondition battery packs. Without taking good care of the batteries, you will find that it is a quick waste of money and they are not helping you to save time and money like you had initially planned. A good consideration is to ensure that you are properly reconditioning the packs to extend the life as much as possible, while still achieving maximum power from the battery packs.

There are several primary types of batteries, the first is the lead acid battery, this is commonly found in vehicles and it is quite easy to recondition battery cells for a vehicle. A quick solution of Epsom salts heated and poured into the battery cells and then shaken to properly distribute can quickly clean up much of the sulfur build up that prevents acid lead batteries from working properly. This can make it possible for you to quickly and easily ensure that you are getting the right result, rather than stumbling behind and finding yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

To do a recondition battery process for a Li-Ion battery, it is important to seek out the advice of the manufacturer for that particular battery. This allows you to quickly and easily ensure that you are getting the right outcome, rather than possibly damaging the battery beyond repair. Incorrect discharge or recondition procedures could result in a battery that is good for little more than a paperweight quite quickly.

recondition batteryIt is extremely easy to learn how to recondition battery packs that are Ni-Cd or rechargeable batteries; these are typically best handled by slowly discharging the battery cell at from a 1V down progressively until you reach the final discharge level of only 0.4V. The purpose of this is to reduce the nickel crystals size inside of the battery to help improve the life of the battery again. By carefully following this process, you can take a battery that would only hold a charge for 4 hours and increase it to the point of being almost brand new again.

Another highly common type of battery to recondition is the Ni-MH or long life battery. These are easy to recondition but do require some careful planning. In reconditioning these batteries, you need to typically do them one at a time and watch closely the voltage level to ensure that they do not drop below 0.9 volts. By keeping them above this level but getting as close as possible you will ensure that the battery is properly reconditioned and restored to working like new.

Taking a bit of time to learn how to do a proper battery reconditioning can save you a lot of money and also time. Rather than spending a long time tracking down the appropriate battery size for your needs you are able to quickly just recondition and move on. Learning how to recondition battery packs is easy, and with only a few minute of your time, you will be absolutely amazed at the results.

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