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What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is a type of material we can replenish. Most sources of renewable energy have an endless supply. They are also very safe for the environment which means we can avoid some of the destruction that the use of other resources is creating. As our society grows and moves forward we are more dependent on the resources we have. As a result there are concerns they will one day run out.


What are the renewable energy sources we can use? There are several of them you may already be familiar with. A common type of renewable energy is the wind. It is always moving around us even though the speed of wind changes. In wide open spaces, there is nothing to break the wind or slow it down. As a result, those are the areas where most of the wind can be changed into energy. That is where the use of a home wind turbine comes in handy.

Solar power is a very successful type of renewable energy we have. By placing home solar power systems on the roofs of homes and businesses, we can use it to create free energy. There are hybrid vehicles out there as well that use it to charge batteries for the vehicle to be powered by. With solar power, it is used as the main source of energy. When it is depleted then the back up source instantly takes over. Further studies on solar and wind generators can be found in Earth for Energy.

Hydropower is the use of water to create energy. There are many major waterways around the world that have this process in place. Biomass involves using the various types of waste materials we have to create a source of energy we can use. Ethanol and Biodiesel are two products that are created from biomass.

Geothermal energy is a more complex type of renewable energy. This process involves using the steam from the Earth to create a source of heat or electricity. Now that you are aware of what is renewable energy you need to think about how you can incorporate using it. The initial costs of implementing them will more than pay for themselves in a short span of time.

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There are some excellent videos you should view that discuss renewable energy. This one talks about a commitment to 20% of the use of renewable energy by the year 2020:

In order for us to have a clean Earth with all the conveniences we enjoy, an alternative to depleting our resources has to be implemented. These various types of renewable energy allow us the ability to do so. It also means we can leave some of those non replaceable resources for future generations. The concepts of renewable energy are going to work but as a society we need to fully embrace them.

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