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Renewable Energy Sources

There are quite a few identified renewable energy sources. They are all items that we have around us in the world. What is important to realize though is that not all of them make good sense for a particular location. Taking the time to learn about the different types of renewable energy sources though can help you to identify good options. It can also help you to understand why there is such a push out there right now to start using them more.


One of the most common types of renewable energy sources is solar power. The sun continues to shine each day and will do so until the end of time. Home solar power systems are placed on the tops of roofs in order to collect the energy that is produced by it. The amount of solar power that can be collected will depend on how much the sun shines. On cloudy days not as much will be stored.

If the amount of solar energy collected runs out, the back up source will be used for replacement. This can significantly cut down on the amount of electricity you use from other sources. Many homeowners are able to generate more solar power then they use in a given day. This means they don’t have to use that back up source at all.

Wind definitely offers us plenty of benefits as renewable energy sources. In open areas such as the plains the wind blows freely. There aren’t any buildings out there to block it and to slow it down. The use of windmills to collect power from the wind has been used for centuries. Today, there are home wind turbines in place that can transform the wind into tons of energy to offer electricity for homes.

renewable energy sources

The use of water as one of the top renewable energy sources is called hydropower. Right now it is the largest way that renewable energy is created in the United States. Approximately 7% of the electricity annually used in the United States is from this source. The use of water to create energy was initially developed to help with grinding grain. It can be traced back to civilizations thousands of years ago.

The concept of developing hydropower plants though is only slightly more than 25 years old. As technology develops, the ability to transfer electricity made from water has been possible. As a result, there are more developments for hydropower in the works.

You have likely heard a great deal about biomass being used as renewable energy sources. This is due to the high cost of fuel for vehicles over the past couple of years. Consumers are interested in another way to get that need met. Biomass involves changing materials such as wood, trash, crops, gases from landfills, and alcohol fuels into a source we can use for energy.

The most complex of the renewable energy sources is known as geothermal energy. It is also very expensive to create. The process involves taking heat from the core of the Earth, more than 4,000 miles below the surface.

While it can be time consuming as well as expensive to implement renewable energy sources, it is something we need to focus on in our society. We rapidly continue to deplete those resources we can’t replace so we can have power. If we want to continue being able to have a supply of it into the future, then now is the time for a change. There have been plenty of researches that show all these types of renewable energy sources can work on a larger scale then what we have right now.

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